The French Are Coming—At Least The 17-Year-Old Wunderkind That Goes By Madeon Is



Madeon, Madeon, Madeon, Madeon—Madeon. The 17-year-old DJ slash producer has a lot of folks talking as of late. People are into this kid…to the nth degree.

Gotta admit that we’re pretty excited that he’s coming to America this summer. Right after he gets off the stage with Swedish House Mafia at Milton Keynes for One Night Stand, he’s heading to our shores for the Identity Festival on July 19. We’re not very big on the fact, though, that other than the string of Identity dates he’s only playing Pacha in NYC and Lollapalooza in Chicago. No Los Angeles? Pretty shocking considering it’s only one of the biggest markets in the US. No Vegas either? WTF Mr. Booking Agent?

It's not like he has to be back for class and study or anything—Madeon was kicked out of school. Which just goes to show all you kids out there that are cracking the books, studying hard and learning stuff about different things that perhaps you're wasting time… just become a savant like Madeon. Get to the point. If you do decide to go the savant route, we bet Columbia would release your music too to a worldwide just like they are with Madeon. Yep, two new singles this summer and a record in fall. That could be you as well! Or stay in school, your choice.

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