The Man Who Corporatized The Concert Industry Is Back, And He Wants To Dance.


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I’m sitting here at EDMbiz right now listening to a pretty smart panel speak about the business of electronic music and where things are at right now. There’s no denying electronic music’s reach is extending at a rapid pace. Things are huge. Bigger than they’ve ever been (Electric Daisy Carnival is in a few days and expected attendance is somewhere in the neighborhood of 300,000) and it’s only going to get bigger. The latest nugget of info to underscore said fact can be seen on New York Times today. "A Concert Mogul Is Betting on Electronic Dance Music," so reads the headline.

The article is about the man who in the ‘90s turned concerts into a corporate affair, Robert F. X. Sillerman. You may have heard of the company he founded, Live Nation. Well he’s back in the biz and he just scooped up the powerhouse promoter, Disco Donnie. Apparently this is the first of what he expects will be a string of investments in electronic dance music. You can read the article on New York Times here.

BTW, if you're not familiar with the man that goes by Disco Donnie, check this out.

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