Todd Terje Releases Video For “Inspector Norse”

Almost every year, there is that one song that you’ll hear literally almost every night out and not get tired of it. It takes a special talent to capture all of your strongest feelings and blend them into a timeless 7-minute piece of music, but only the tasteful will recognize that. Sometimes you have to stop thinking about what kind of music it is, who made it, where it’s from, etc. and just embrace that mind and body pleasure it induces. I know it sounds ridiculously corny and I’m not a very mushy guy, but it’s honestly a goal that all good producers/artists strive to achieve…but only few will pull it off, which is why it’s such a special thing. Anyway, hopefully you’ve been familiar with Todd Terje’s “Inspector Norse,” which came out early this year. It’s been a staple for reasons described above, and now it finally has a music video that does it justice. I’m sure you can all relate. Enjoy.


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According to Pitchfork, “This clip from the short film “Whateverest” follows Inspector Norse, the real life internet alias of Marius Solem Johanson, who has a penchant for dancing and drugs.”

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