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Two Sides Of The Spectrum To Pierce Fulton's Life

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This past week, our rising college star, Pierce Fulton, released his latest addition of his film collection Chapter 3 (Part 1) documenting his current wave of success. It is hard not to like Pierce. He is a young, down to earth, UVM student who is taking the industry by storm with his passion for creating an eclectic sound. The video follows Pierce and his entourage through NYC before his set at Santos Party House and also follows him home to get a sense of the Vermont that Fulton hail’s from. It really gives you a view of two sides of the spectrum of the life that Pierce is living, on the road performing and at home chilling with his dog and friends. The video is complimented by his remix of Steve Aoki’s “Come With Me” and his original mix “West Egg,” which definitely gives the video an upbeat atmosphere and helps reinforce the kind of artist Pierce is.

If you weren’t a fan of Pierce Fulton before, this video will certainly help you find a way to relate to and like this up and coming star. I personally enjoyed the story at the very end, when he is with his friends telling stories from the road. Can’t wait to see what Part 2 has in store for all of us!

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