Up Is Down, Left Is Right—Paris Hilton Presses Play. It's Not Called DJing



It’s funny how sometimes when I go to YouTube and watch a badass video that there always seems to be 1 or 2 people that dislike it. Makes me wonder who they are. Are they just fucking with everyone or are their tastes really that bad.

This video of Paris Hilton at Pop Music Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil is kinda like that. Up is down, left is right, it’s all so confusing… what kind of Bizarro World are the 425 people that liked this video living in. It’s not like she was standing up there in front of 30,000 pressing play and throwing her hands in the air while topless. With a good pair of earplugs I’d even be down for that. It’s all so nauseating. The icing across the cake is the fact that the graphics behind her is of her—it’s basically the equivalent of hanging big photos of yourself in your own living room. Oh wait. Oh wait. Never mind.

And just cuz here are some quotes to make you laugh...

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