Video Alert: Tomas Barfod “November Skies”



By pure coincidence, the post to follow the new WhoMadeWho video is about Tomas Barfod, drummer for said Danish band. Barfod recently flew solo for the his LP Salton Sea which came out via LA based imprint, Friends of Friends. We had a chat with him a while back about things, you can have a read here. And you can pick up the album here. Anywho…

The Great Nordic Sword Fights are the producers and directors behind the new video for Tomas Barfod's “November Skies” tune featuring Nina Kinert. If you’re digging this, be on the lookout for more Tomas Barfod goods on June 12 when he drops a new EP on FoF, “Came To Party.” The EP includes remixes from Mark E, Salva and Suzanne Kraft, as well as the previously unreleased track, “Hyperion.”

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