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8 Essentials For Electric Zoo 2012

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Los Angeles has the Electric Daisy Carnival and Berlin cranks up the beats per minute for the Love Parade, but nothing can hold a glow stick to the Electric Zoo, the three day rave party and EDM festival that is held at Randall's Island Park, in New York, over Labor Day weekend.

This is the chance for you and 85,000 of your closest friends to dance to top DJs and turntable scratch-wizards like David Guetta, Tiesto, Axwell and Steve Aoki. Located along the East River with a Woody Allen style view of the Manhattan skyline, when the Electric Zoo hits town, Randall's Island Park is turned into 24 acres of festival tents, music stages, mud, sweat, whirling bodies and pulsing trance beats. We've got the official trailer to help get you psyched up.

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To get the most out of this new millennium Woodstock, you're going to have to prepare and pack some essentials. Here are the things you shouldn't leave home without.

  1. Unless you want to wait in long, serpentine lines and pay ridiculously inflated ATM surcharges, bring plenty of cash. Do not rely solely on your debit card. It's also possible that the kiosk selling ten dollar bottles of water doesn't even accept plastic.

  2. Rave wear is mandatory, so whether you opt for neon racing stripes or an LED glittered cowboy hat, you better be dressed like you've spent years dancing in the clubs in sunny Ibiza.

  3. Speaking of hats and sunshine, even if you leave the glittery cowboy hat at home, you're going to need some type of hat to protect yourself from the scorching Orb in the sky (a reference to that pioneering, chill-out electronic band was essential as well). Suntan lotion is key, too.

  4. If you don't have any rave wear, then at least bring along some EDM accessories. Glow-sticks, micro-lights, LED gloves or anything else that will make you pulse like a day-glow lightning bug as you wave your hands in the air when those epic club anthems begin.

  5. When you look through your closet, consider your footwear as if you are considering one of life's great mysteries. Give it some time and serious thought. Comfortable footwear is the most important accessory at any music festival, but it has has even more significance when you're planning to be dancing non-stop at an EDM rave-up.

  6. Thundering dance beats aside, you never know what sort of inclement weather you might run into. Bringing a set of dry clothes or a cheap, disposable rain poncho is a good idea.

  7. With this many EDM essentials, you're going to need something to carry them all in. Bring a small, lightweight backpack to store all your gear.

  8. Your ID and mobile phone. If worse comes to worse and you don't have a micro-light or glow stick, you can wave your phone in the air. That glowing blue screen is just as good.

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