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Bitwig: The New Big Wig? A Viable Ableton Contender?


With the rise in popularity of electronic music production and live performance, a slew of new Digital Audio Workstations (DAW’s) have been coming out of the woodwork; Some hot and others definitely not. The latest and greatest of these DAW’s is called Bitwig and hails from Berlin, one of the growing hubs of music technology and of course techno.

ComputerMusic took a first look at Bitwig and I also noticed that the software has some striking similarities to Ableton’s Live app. Even so, Bitwig is promising some EPIC features like the ability for multiple musicians to collaborate in real-time as well as dual screen functionality for your clip and mix windows, and 64-bit support.

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Producers like Tommy Trash are even taking notice as he posted on the software the other month. Bitwig is currently in beta and the release date is TBA.

What software you are using for live performance/production? Do you think Bitwig is a viable Ableton contender? We'd like to know, leave us a comment below.

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