Calling All Music Makers: KCRW Introduces Malcolm, A New Digital Music Submission System


I don’t listen to the radio much, but when I do, I tune into KCRW. Seriously, Los Angeles folk are pretty damn luck to have a public radio station like KCRW. I’ve been in LA for 12 years and for as long as I have been listening they’ve always done a great job at championing the lesser known. Not just available to LA types, you can stream, listen to podcasts and access all the archives on KCRW.com.

Now with KCRW’s public system, Malcolm, all you up and coming producers out there have an easy way to submit your music online for possible airtime. You basically go and create a profile (bio, photo and links to social media sites) and submit your best three tracks. You can designate which DJs/shows your music is best suited for. Then just sit back and wait to be notified via email when a comment or rating has been added to their profile. Considering there are very few radio stations out there that still accept—and listen—to demos and unsolicited music, a big tip of the hat to KCRW for making this happen.

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Independent artists are more important than ever and we want to champion as many as we can, yet the volume of submissions we receive has grown exponentially. We were asking ourselves how we can better serve these musicians and we came up with MALCOLM, said Anne Litt, Music Program Director.  It’s fast, easy, and allows KCRW to do what we do best—support and share artist’s work.

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