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DJ Vadim x Soundcrash—Go To KOKO… It Is Going To Be A Heavy, Heavy Night

Do you like organic and raw hip-hop? Do you like dope beats? Do you like the summer? Do you like cool parties? More to the point would you like a mixture of all those elements rolled into a single night? If so you are in luck because on 18 August this is actually happening at KOKO.


The night kicks off with the hardest working man in the music industry, DJ Vadim. He has played with every genre out there—like it was play dough—and fashioned an array of his own designs along the way, while irreversibly infusing his DNA all over the scene. So after twenty years of experimentation you can imagine that he has developed quite the collection of musical knowledge and experience.

He aims to deliver his experimental musical manifesto to the masses this August. The only question that remains, can you handle such a ferocious bombardments of certified bangers without convulsing from the rhythm?

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If that was not enough, UK dance veteran DJ Format is going to be taking his place as the resident funk master general. In other words, he is going to be releasing a barrage of catchy baselines and behemoth beats to get your mouth watering. What takes it to the next level is Simonsound, a collaborative audio visual project between Format and Simon James that I would rather not spoil for you; because it’s something that needs to be experienced first-hand.

If you thought the night ended there I fear you do not understand the gravity of the situation, because up next is former DMC champion, eminent DJ and producer and former member of Scratch Perverts, the impeccable, Mr. Thing. His turntable mastery will surely remind you just how relevant and exciting scratch DJing still is.

Rounding off the night are the infectious and original, Lazy Habits, a collective of producers and rappers that have sampled every influence from jazz and soul all the way through to the big bands of the ‘50s that has resulted in a musical soup with a taste and spice like no other. They have supported Mos Def and Kid Koala but now it’s their turn to take to the centre stage and show the world why the gourmet musical cuisine needs to be tasted.

Check out Soundcrash for more information on this heavy, heavy night.

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