Do You Play Poker? Do You Like Hip-Hop? How About A Poker Hip-Hop Playlist To Get Your Game On


What life activities are made better when listening to music? When was the last time you enjoyed one and the other. What were you doing, what were you listening to? It's a question we throw out to people from time to time here at Magnetic. If you're like us, there's not too many things in life that aren't enhanced when accompanied with the right soundtrack. That's probably why this poker hip-hop playlist caught my attention. Admittedly I don't partake in the game of poker much (I'm usually the guy making all the mistakes and I don't bluff all that well) or listen to hip-hop on a regular basis, but I still appreciate the concept behind this poker hip-hop playlist article via Pokerjunkie. They breakdown the different stages of poker (I had no idea they existed) and put together a hip-hop playlist. Here are some of the tunes they suggest.


The Roots "Stay Cool"
Digable Planets "Pacifists"
Ice Cube "It Was A Good Day"
Jazzmatazz "Loungin'"
Notorious B.I.G "Sky's The Limit"
Nas "One Love (MF Doom Remix)"
Boogie Down Productions "The Bridge Is Over"
MF Doom "One Beer"
Wu Tang Clan "Method Man"

You can read see the full playlist and reader the article here, Pokerjunkie.

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