Drugs Or No Drugs? The Rusko and Deadmau5 Battle


I didn’t know this, but apparently there’s a bit of disharmony between Rusko and Deadmau5 on the topic of drugs. In one corner you have dubstep DJ Rusko who makes sure that everyone is in a tilted state of mind before he gets on stage. And in the other corner you have the Canuck Deadmau5 saying that drugs are upsetting, not cool and people should be responsible.  The beef started back in 2010 when deadmau5 objected to Rusko smoking a joint backstage. Over a joint, really? Anything in excess is bad for you; life is about moderation. I personally think drugs should be legal. Not because I think there’s no harm in doing them, but the drummed up war on drugs will never be won.

You can read the rest of the article via Mixmag here.

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