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EBay Hunting: Orignal Roland TB-303, The Synth That Changed House Music


EBay Hunting

So you all have probably heard of a "303" or Roland TB-303, but never really knew what the hell that meant. Well it's referring to the legendary analog synth that changed house music and EDM Culture forever and gave birth to the term "Acid."  The 303's sound was originally supposed to emulate a bass guitar, but it didn't really go over well with it's intended audience so the units were discontinued.  Urban legend has it that with the price drop in the unwanted units they were appealing to young producers experimenting with 808 and 909 drum machines at the time. They tweaked the sound and Acid House Music was born.

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So here it is, an original analog unit up for auction, which you don't see that many of anymore. Dream a little dream...!  Buy it here.

Good for: Serious gear collectors and producers that know how to use analog synths.

Bad for: Rookies thinking it's cool to have one just because it's a "303."

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