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Fashion Accessory Meets MP3 Player—The Playbutton Is A Great Promotional Tool

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The Internet creates a lot of noise within the EDM culture world. I couldn’t even begin to count how many up-and-coming EDM producers there are out there vying for everyone’s attention, hoping to make some sort of meaningful connection via bandwidth. Have you picked your DJ Name yet? Promotion is a tricky thing, and when you're trying to do it in a digital world, handing someone a tangible product is never a bad thing. CDs aren’t the best, but have you seen these Playbuttons? It’s a great promotional tool that doubles as a fashion accessory that's perfect for up-coming producers/bands/DJs. You can custom the picture on the button (to say your album cover, etc.) and upload the MP3 content of your choice just like your would any other external harddrive.

Playbutton has collaborated with artists and brands in the past, but with the launch of their website now folks like us can create a customizable button.

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