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Free Download: Bicep “Muscle Worx!” DJ Mix


Andy Ferguson and Matt McBriar are some of my favorite UK-bred crate diggers of all things sleazy, deep, jackin’, raw and groovy…and if any of that sounds appealing to you, then you’re in for a treat. The duo, better known to the rest of the world as Bicep, have been responsible for one of the most popular blogs within underground dance music (Feel My Bicep) and have also been releasing a number of highly praised 12-inches (yes, vinyl) over the last few years. Whether it’s producing music, spinning records, and sharing forgotten gems, Bicep is a name to trust. That being said, I highly recommend their very new mixtape, which was done exclusively for The Fader. Time to work!

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“Whilst moving forward is essential in dance music, looking back is equally important. Digging through big ole' dusty creates is a passion of ours and continuing on the theme of our recent track ‘$tripper’ we've put together a mix of some of our favorite 90’s inspired finds from the past two years! It's a mixture of vinyl and some subtle edits which we recorded recently in London summing up what we feel is proper house music at its finest.”

Pre order their upcoming release here on Juno, it’s out in ten days. And make sure to follow Bicep on Twitter & Facebook.

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