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Free EDM Download: Midi Matilda "Love & the Movies" MyKill Remix

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Just discovered this new MyKill remix of the Midi Matilda tune, "Love & the Movies." Thanks Gotta Dance Dirty for the new electronic music... the tune has been stuck in my head for a few hours now. The stick-in-your-head lyrics ride perfectly alongside MyKill’s synth work. So much so that I had to go find them, so I knew what I was singing:

Movies in her head, the movies in her head.
Try to beat 'em to it but you can't. The first time that you
Saw it you said it felt correct. How long will you stay in with me tonight?
So I can find my way back into your heart...

Sisters and the pets they keep, runners on easy street.
Oh and the lovers on the tv screen they don't look
Nothin' like you and me.

You said you would know, you said you would know.
When all is said and done I guess you don't. Your slamming on
The brakes before we even start. Holding it together while I fall apart.
Why can't I find my way back into your heart?

Your pillow and a ciggerett, I'm in your old school rolodex.
Baby I'm falling.
I'd kill to be there for the rest, or is this really all I get I'm falling.
Oh and I mean it now.

If you want to lay back down, if you ever change your mind.
Or if you want to waste some time...

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You can score the free download here.

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