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Free EDM Download: New Poolside Remix Of "Her Fantasy" by Matthew Dear

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Poolside, Matthew Dear and Ghostly should get together more often. Jeffrey Paradise (former Paradise Boys and Blow Up mastermind) and Filip Nikolic (Guns 'n' Bombs and Ima Robot ex pat) took a 180-degree step away from their former projects and struck gold with Poolside. EDM Culture can also be ELM Culture (L for listening). Their new album, Pacific Standard Time, is worthy of all the hype it’s been getting. Poolside is currently on tour with Twin Shadow. If the Scion presented event comes to a city near you, go.

As for Matthew Dear, his new album Beams (release date August 27 via Ghostly) is, well, a bit of a departure from all previous output. Some new facet of Dear’s musical persona seems to shine with each of his releases. And there hasn’t been much the New York-based DJ slash producer has done over the years that I haven’t enjoyed, Beams is just taking a bit longer to sink in.

Poolside’s fingerprint on "Her Fantasy" is gold. Dear’s deeply personal lyrics "Do I feel love like all of the others or is this feeling only mine?" float effortlessly atop Poolside’s lazy horizontal vibe. Judge for yourself…

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