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Greek Temple At Delphi Constructed From Recycled Loudspeakers


What does it take to construct a sonic temple of this magnitude? 3000 recycled loudspeakers, 10 recycled amplifiers, 10 recycled radios/tuners, 1 mixing board and a gaggle of assorted electronic parts. Plus, a shit load of man-hours. I’m sure Berlin based artist Benoît Maubrey, the man behind this awesomeness, would agree.

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If you get the chance take a walk through Maubrey’s website. Recycled and “found” electronics seems to be his artistic medium of choice. Example, example, example. He's also the director and founder of the Berlin-based art group Die Audio Gruppe, a “band” that uses electronic clothes to perform. What exactly is electronic clothes you say? Basically, electro-acoustic gear equipped with amplifiers and loudspeakers that make sounds as they are interacted with.

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