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House Music Stalwart Robbie Rivera Brought Juicy Beach To Governors Island In New York. Hurray For EDM Culture


This past July 14, house music stalwart Robbie Rivera and EDM culture mavens Made Event collaborated to bring the people of NYC Robbie’s legendary party, Juicy Beach, to Governors Island in NY Harbor. The lineup speaks for itself… Manuel De La Mare, Paige, Stefano Noferini, EDX, along with Sultan & Ned Shepard all joined headliner, Robbie Rivera, in what I feel was one of the best EDM productions I’ve been to in NYC this summer, thus far.

This was the first time I have ever been over to Governors Island for a show and it honestly was a pretty awesome experience. After waiting on the line for the ferry, for what felt like days due to the anticipation, we all hopped aboard and set sail headed for Governors. The ferry erupted with cheers, screams, and whistles as all of us eager Robbie fans were finally heading towards the party. The ferry ride over was a subtle but crucial part to the great vibes of the night. It was a gorgeous five-minute ride with spectacular views of the Statue of Liberty and downtown Manhattan.

Upon arrival I could hear one of my favorite Italian producers, EDX, on stage throwing down as he prepped the crowd for Robbie. Once I got off the boat and made my way over to the stage I realized very quickly that this venue was something I haven’t experienced in NYC—literally a beach party in the big apple. I was met by sand, neon glowing palm trees, and gorgeous people everywhere as I tried to make my way to the stage. It was like having our own little south beach for the evening. EDX threw down a solid set but didn’t get to crazy, as his role was to get the crowd pumped up for main attraction of the night.

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The man behind Dance or Die got on stage around 9 pm and didn’t hold back at all. He kicked off his set with his signature sexy Miami inspired electro house sound. He mixed bangers, such as, his tracks “Forever Young,” “Float Away,” and “In the Morning” featuring vocal sensation, Wynter Gordon. He also played a few other tracks that surprised me, for example, Zedd’s remix of “Breaking a Sweat” and “Rage Valley” by Knife Party. I just felt like it was against his style but ether way he mixed it so well where it all flowed together beautifully. Besides, people got to change thing up once in a while.

Sultan and Ned Shepard closed out the night but unfortunately I did not stay deep into their set. I hoped to hear their bomb mix of Kaskade’s “Fire In Your New Shoes” while waiting for the ferry but that did not happen. One of the coolest parts of the night was when the ferry finally left and I got a chance to look back at Governors and hear the music and see the lights, fog, and one hell of a party going on across the harbor.

Overall, Robbie’s set was killer (new electronic music galore) and it was a great first experience seeing the one and only man behind Juicy. He did a great job of bringing the feel of Miami up north to NYC. There were multiple points throughout the night when I remember feeling déjà vu of March when I was down in Miami for Ultra. The mix of the vibes and energy that he brought with him combined with the beach venue and most importantly the Miami based house made me feel like I was literally down in the 305. Hurray for EDM culture.

Juicy NY Tracklisting:

1. Robbie Rivera “Move Move” Atomic Bangers mix
2. Robbie Rivera “Makes Me Feel Good” + “Rock The Disco Acapella”
3. Swanky Tunes & Hard Rock Sofa vs. Justice “We Are The Edge” Lennray mash
4. Robbie Rivera “Float Away” RR Juicy NY remix
5. Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike & Rego "Momentum" Smash The House Clockwork remix
6. Robbie Rivera vs. Violent Femmes “Blister In The Sun” Rivera remix
7. Robbie Rivera “Forever Young”
8. Faithless “Insomnia” Robbie Rivera's Juicy New York remix
9. Deadmau5 “The Veldt” Tommy Trash remix
10. Guru Josh “Infinity" Robbie Rivera Juicy mix
11. The Joy Formidable “A Heavy Abacus” Quilinez remix
12. Frank Caro & Alchemy “Kbob”
13. Knife Party “Rage Valley”
14. Inpetto “Yuccasin”
15. Robbie Rivera “We Live For The Music” Rivera Juicy New York remix
16. Sandro Silva & Quintino “Epic-Wall”
17. Robbie Rivera “Feel This”
18. Robbie Rivera Feat. Wynter Gordon “In The Morning”
19. Avicci “Last Dance”
20. Robbie Rivera “Girlfriend 2008”
21. Skrillex & The Doors “Breakin A Sweat” Zedd mix
22. The Temper Trap “Trembling Hands” Benny Benassi mix
23. Robbie Rivera “Departures” Cosmic Gate mix

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