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How Will Future Disco’s Sean Brosnan Survive His Ibiza Residency This Summer?

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Summer and me, we have a love/hate relationship. Love for all the obvious reasons. Hate because my days, while typically long and hot, aren’t spent at pool parties under clear blue skies, or kicking it at the beach among friends… the type of day that bleeds into a house party at sundown. Hate because I’m not hoping on a jet to Ibiza to hear some of the best DJs in the world drop some of the hottest tracks and remixes around. Ok, I’m jealous.

The recently released Future Disco compilation Poolside Sounds (via Needwant Recordings) definitely makes me wish for more days like above. If you like the sounds of house and disco, this one is stacked with greatness and screams summer. Poolside “Do You Believe”, the Classixx remix of “Psychic City” by Yacht, Mam “Crushed Ice,” Soho808’s “Get Up Disco,”Cosmic Kids’ remix of “Sail Away” by the Rapture, the Will Saul & Tam Cooper remix of Flight Facilities’ “Foreign Language.”

Sean Brosnan, Needwant bossman and force of Future Disco, is getting ready to head to Ibiza for another summer residency on the sunset terrace at Space. Yea, I’m envious, so I asked him how he’s going to survive such a “hellish” summer. He took me serious and shot this back to me so here you go, Sean Brosnan’s summer Ibiza residency survival guide.


Tote Bag

I've never really used one before, but after playing festivals and the Ibiza residency, now you won't find me without it. Great for roaming around carrying all my essential items, it's like a squeegee first-aid box for Ibiza living and can be with you at all time.

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I'm not actually the biggest fan of wearing shades, but when the sun is shining, especially if the night before has been long, shades are essential. I take these Ray-Bans my sister bought me a few years ago.


I don't go anywhere without some cash. Cash generally solves your problems and the rate at which I consume water in the heat I need ready access to some wonga so I can get busy in my local supermarcado.


I try to take my camera with me when I can, I like getting photos with a camera rather than my phone, feels all a bit more proper.

Blank CDs

You can never have enough CDRs for DJing. New music is constant and I'm always burning new tracks to play, especially in Ibiza.

Sun Cream

The only item that probably is truly essential to my survival in the sun, I'm plastered in the stuff every day. The alternative is a big red face and I've been there too many times over the years. I think it's pretty much a ritual that if you are British you will get burnt. I'm proud to say I've kept that tradition alive, but hopefully no longer!

Travel plug

These things get lost in some kind of extreme Bermuda Triangle. I can't even imagine how many I have bought over the years, not to mention borrowed off hotels and accidently stolen. But each time I'm getting set to go abroad I can never seem to find any. This year I bought 10. A guarantee is I will only have a couple by the end of the season.


Access to email and Internet is essential for day-to-day life. And I use the WhatsApp when abroad. I could kind of do with a break from my iPhone as I look at it more than anything in my life, but when you're surviving out there an iPhone is a must. How else can you meet anyone these days? The “be there at that time” has been banished to history like the VCR.

Stay up on Future Disco: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. And check out their radio show hosted by Sean Brosnan.

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