It Never Ends. It Never Ends. Is “Gloving” Just Finger Sex For Those Flirting With Molly?


The endless negative connotations surrounding the EDM community continue to flow through the floodgates at rapid speeds. While reading through the current issue of L.A. Weekly, writer Andy Hermann complied an intriguing article about “gloving”—light shows that take place at EDM events including massives. Considering light shows continue to play a role within the rave culture, it seems that “naysayers believe gloving emphasizes the illegal aspect of rave culture—the drugs—and would prefer it went away.” For a split second, I chuckled a bit thinking the last thing I would consider dangerous is a light show. Granted light shows enhance the visual effects of individuals flirting with the trip of “Molly,” the overall art of light shows shouldn’t be under attack. Although it started as a vessel to make a trip beyond belief, it’s transitioned into an art form where it’s an actual skill to conduct light shows. Even on a recent episode of MTV’s Americas Best Dance Crew, groups created routines surrounding gloving, exposing the mainstream to the art of light shows. Insomniac banned gloving from all Insomniac events in 2011, explaining that light shows send “a false message of what the electronic dance music scene is about.” Halt. Wait. What? Light shows have always been apart of the electronic dance music scene since the beginning—hello, glow sticks. It seems that individuals continue to recall the original stereotypes of the EDM community. Clearly, the EDM community is shifting—heading into a new direction where this once pigeon holed culture is evolving into new heights, veterans didn’t even think would become possible.

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Allow the vent process to begin; I’ve attended countless massives and shows. I’ve witnessed gloving in a sober state of mind and I admit it’s pretty damn wicked to see these guys in action. If you’re familiar with tutting which is a form of dance that is done with hands-slash-fingers, gloving isn’t any different expect lights are involved. It’s transitioned into an art form, a skill that I wish I could do.

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