LOL Boys Reveal Title Track Off Forthcoming “Changes” EP



LOL Boys have been on heavy rotation lately over here at Magnetic, and it’s almost time for the rest of the world to hear their new “Changes” EP, which is out in a week. The LA-via-Montreal duo of Jerome Potter and Markus Garcia don’t rest for any longer than a minute; from doing work in the studio, producing viral music videos, co-owning a label (Body High LA), and constantly playing shows…it’s obvious that these guys put in their hours. This time around though, LOL Boys are proud to release their sample-free “Changes” EP on Friends of Friends (another local favorite of mine) on July 17th. The EP has this breezy euphoric feel that is tuned perfectly for the warmer nights of summer. I’m also a big fan of the swinging jazzy elements in the title track that compliment the vocal work of Heart Streets. I can’t really pick a favorite though, because every track is top quality including the remixes. How can you go wrong when your record includes a Shlohmo remix and a sax cover by Anenon? You can’t.

1. Changes ft. Heart Streets
2. Mind's Clouded ft. Heart Streets
3. Get Close To Me ft. Angelina Lucero
4. Don't Want You ft. Angelina Lucero
5. Changes (Anenon One Take Cover)
6. Changes (Shlohmo Remix)

You can now pre-order the digital copy or vinyl by clicking here. Make sure to follow LOL Boys on Twitter and Facebook too.

Also, if you happen to be attending Pitchfork Music Fest this weekend in Chicago, make sure to catch LOL Boys DJ set at the official afterparty.

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