Production, Touring, No Free Time, Repeat. Alesso Tells All At EDC Vegas

Alesso main

Alesso playing kineticFIELD (Main Stage) at Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas June 8


I love music. Im in love with music.

It's arguable that not many have had a bigger year than the now "legal" Alesso who just celebrated his 21st birthday at various posh destinations across the U.S. hitting New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. If that's not any indication of the way things are going for the Swedish DJ/producer, maybe his latest released track, a remix of Keane's "Silenced By The Night" out on Sebastian Ingrosso's Refune imprint that hit #1 on Beatport and joining Madonna on select dates of her MDNA Tour in the UK, Ireland, Russia and Norway are. He doesn't really need an introduction, but he'll get it anyway. In the spring, Alesso hit Winter Music Conference throwing his own Less Is More  party at Mansion and played Coachella's Sahara Tent where the video for his smash hit collaboration with Sebastian Ingrosso was shot.

I was able to catch up with the globetrotter in Las Vegas surrounding Electric Daisy Carnival. First, it was the plush Surrender Nightclub where Alesso headlined his own night, and it was a good one. After a tiresome day of traveling and EDM Biz, I just barely pulled it together to make it out to see the fellow put his best foot forward. Really all it was me wanting to hear his beautiful, unreleased collaboration with Dirty South entitled "City of Dreams" performed live. Some guys by the name of Steve Aoki and Afrojack also joined him during his set. It was that kind of week. Going to try something a little different here...Without further ado, here's my interview with Alesso set to the backdrop of Afrojack music!

We're on air right now with Alesso, backstage at Afrojack's set on the Main Stage at Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas.

I love Titanium by David Guetta, and I actually did like a bootleg of it. Then I kind of just asked him, hey man, can I remix it and he said of course. - Alesso

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This is one of the most massive productions I have ever seen in the US. What do you think about what they've done with this?

It's insane. This is definitely one of the biggest EDM shows in the world. It's over 100,000 people attending just today. It's sold out. People are going crazy. It's a big thing and I'm very happy to be here, and super excited to play.

Calvin Harris & Rihanna "We Found Love"

You just released on Sebastian Ingrosso's your new track "Silenced By The Night" which did very well. What other plans do you have in action with music that you're making?

I have a lot of stuff coming out this year. I have a new release coming out, a new track called "Years." A very melodic, summer track; it's going to come out in about 1-2 weeks. A collaboration with Avicii coming out hopefully very soon. Another track called "Clash," just trying to finish that record. A lot of new stuff coming.

For you as an artist, I'm sure you listen to all these guys in the electronic space. Other than electronic stuff, you use a lot of really melodic vocals, similar to what Swedish House Mafia are doing, with the ability to really uplift the vocals in the productions you're doing and just make it something massive. (Alesso, tells me thank you) I guess my question is with artists like Gotye and others who are getting remixed… do you kind of scout out artists yourself who you're thinking like okay…I want do a remix for you. What is your process like for that?

When it comes to remixes sometimes they ask me if I want to do a remix, and if I love the record I'll do it. Sometimes I ask..I love "Titanium" by David Guetta, and I actually did like a bootleg of it. Then I kind of just asked him, hey man, can I remix it and he said of course. And it became a big remix and we're happy with it.

I know you're schedule is very rigorous - being in the studio, touring, it's a non-stop kind of thing. Do you have time to listen to other music? First of all, as an artist, I've know from experience that a lot of people tell me they don't even have time to listen to other people's music sometimes.

No actually, sometimes it's very hard to listen to other people's music because you're so into your own records. You're like I have to produce this, do this, do this, touring… Sometimes I have a couple of hours in the hotel room. I look and try to find new records, find inspiration. Yeah, it's tough, but of course I need to listen to other people's music to get inspired and be creative.

Afrojack "Bangduck"

Do you ever find the time away from your past-faced schedule to actually get out and listen to any live music that is not electronic music.

No, I have no time for that.

If you could, what kind of acts would you like to see?

I've seen a lot of electronic acts. If I were to see a non-electronic act, I would probably see Coldplay. Maybe Jay-Z and Kanye West, they're doing a tour now. I would love to see that. They were actually just in Sweden but I missed it. All different kinds of stuff. I love to see big, massive shows with people performing. I love music. I'm in love with music. If I had the time, I would go ever week.

With touring, it's very much a business in the sense of packaging tours. What are your feelings about this?…At the EDM Biz conference this week, there were a lot of topics touched upon in regard to Live Nation and Kaskade doing an arena tour. Is that something you can see yourself doing sometime soon? Or are you looking to continue doing festivals and intimate club gigs?

I would like to both…everything. I would love to an arena tour. I probably won't do it now, but I would love to do that. It's a big thing. I love doing festivals, I love doing small nightclubs, it's different every time. For me, it's not about the capacity, it's about the vibe. Now there's like 50-60,000 people on the main stage, but if the crowd isn't into it, I'd rather play to a smaller crowd where people go crazy. But today, it's insane. I'm super excited.


How did your relationship with Seb (Sebastian Ingrosso) start? How was it able to come along so quickly with the synergy you guys have to work so well together from what we see?

We met like 13-14 months ago. I was in Stockholm, and I met his father at this coffee place. I gave his father a CD, his father passed it along to Seb. I knew he was Seb's father. I told him to check it out. He did, and the next day I met Seb when do you want to work together because I love your music and would love to release a lot of your records on my label. I said of course…I love Seb, I love Swedish House Mafia. They are big inspirations for me. Now we've been working a lot, and it's been going really well. I did my first collab ever, and that turned out to be "Calling." That's a big record. Everything's been going so crazy, so fast. Sometimes I don't really realize…It's kind of hard for me to realize that in just one year I'm here, and I'm going to play main stage.

Diddy Dirty Money feat. Skylar Grey "Coming Home" (Dirty South Club Mix)

Alex Chaykin, Alesso's agent at WME walks up, "2.5 hrs it took me to get here."

If you can share anything with us about your set tonight…I'm sure you have some special plans and have been prepping it for quite a while. Maybe we'll just have to report on that after (laughs).

I always plan my DJ sets. You have to be prepared. Well, I'm going to play all my new stuff. I just have one hour, that's not a long time. I have to play really quick to get in all of my stuff. New, unreleased records, bootlegs, mashups. I try to be as creative as possible, it's important.

Afrojack "Pacha On Acid"

Have a great time tonight, and a great time the rest of your time you're here.

You too, man.

I look forward to catching up with you sometime soon.

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