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Magnetic Hits Pacha NYC For A Double Feature Weekend With Danny Tenaglia and Adrian Lux

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Pacha NYC had this past 4th of July holiday parties on lock. Naturally, the 4th of July gives all Americans the ultimate excuse to let go of all and simply rage in the name of freedom for an entire weekend—it’s awesome being an American. Anyway, I chose to kick off my party of independence by going to watch the prolific Danny Tenaglia grace the decks of Pacha NYC. First off, it was a special night because it was thought by many, including myself, that Danny had stepped away from life in the club after he recently stated his resignation from working in the booth—clearly retirement is a loose term in this industry. I simply figured the logical way to jump-start my holiday celebrations would be to go and party with a genuine piece of EDM history.  It was without a doubt the right move.



Danny Tenaglia photos by Josephine Iiance

It was the perfect Pacha crowd, the venue wasn’t overly bearing in attendance and there was a fairly balanced ratio of male and female, which is obviously a plus for a club. The venue was decked out with an abundance of national pride decorations—red, white and blue…everywhere. My favorite part of it all had to be the classic Pacha dancers who were reppin’ racy American pride inspired outfits and dresses as they put on their performances. Nice complement to the club to say the least. This was one of the better nights that I have personally experienced at Pacha, from A to Z.

Our crew for the night got to the club around 1:15 am, which ended up being pretty convenient. Danny went to work roughly around 1:30 am and all in attendance eagerly greeted the NY legend with chants of “DANNY, DANNY, DANNY!” over and over for the first minute or two. It was clear it was going to be a great night. The hometown veteran came out firing with a classic mix of deep and tribal house. It was the ultimate way to kick off my weekend full of parties. Tenaglia ripped up the booth for a couple hours and definitely sparked my fuse of Independence Day celebrations. The night was without a doubt a success.

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Photo by Michael Elezovik

It didn’t take long before I found myself back at Pacha to continue my patriotic celebrations. On Friday, I was fortunate enough to catch Adrian Lux do his thing on the decks. It was my first time getting to see Lux spin and I was naturally pumped. He brought the heat with his mix as he dropped an array of tracks, some I hoped to hear and others I didn’t expect—its always good when the DJ keeps you on your toes. His set featured an array of tracks, ranging from the ever popular “Greyhound” by Swedish House Mafia, Nari & Milani’s “Atom,Lux’s own original “Teenage Crime” (which I am a huge fan of), on to “Flexx” by Wolfgang Gartner, “Bong”by Deniz Koyo and many many others.

It was a good mix, for the most part, and the crowd responded positively to Lux’s pace of his set. He had the power that night, obviously being the DJ, and he played the role perfectly. He came through for the people and delivered a banging set. The venue was just as decked out with decorations, similar to Tenaglia’s party. The club was also undeniably more packed out with people, in comparison to Tenaglia, and it was easy to feel the energy in the air as Lux it up on the decks. Midway through his set the DJ booth was filled with gorgeous girls, the horns were blaring and the fog was blinding. It was a great way to keep the celebrations going.

Overall, it was a great first experience of seeing Lux, someone I have been a fan of for quite some time.  Once again, Pacha held its own in regards to its hospitality, bar service and vibes. Everything was in check and it was a textbook way of celebrating my 4th of July weekend.

I’m already looking forward to when I can go back next…

Gallery Photos below by Michael Elezovik

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