Meet Spannered Books, A Small Press From Bristol England Specializing In Underground Parties


The old raver in me is happy to say that I just discovered these guys. Spannered Books does indeed celebrate the underground party, but also waxes about the spirit of protest and life outside the mainstream. Their first release, Spannered dives into the 90’s free-party scene and taps into how music moves us on a fundamental level. Written by the anonymous first-time novelist known as Bert Random, the book has garnered some nice support from stalwarts like Chris Liberator (Stay Up Forever fame) saying that the book is “A vivid and lucid account of the urban squat party experience from the inside… this is the real deal… Like a pumped up and glorious UK version of Hunter S. Thompson’s ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’, we are taken on a 48 hour odyssey of a weekend out ’ ‘avin it ‘ to euphoric, pounding techno, in a dirty warehouse, fuelled by a potent cocktail of the strongest party drugs and psychedelics known to man…This is the story of the real 90’s ecstasy revolution.” D.A.V.E. the Drummer (Hydraulix/Pounding Grooves fame) also gave the book’s authenticity and fun factor two thumbs up.

Here’s an extract from Chapter 2:

 Here comes the noise.

It creeps up on us, quietly at first, attracting people out of the shadows, inviting us to make this derelict space a dancefloor. The volume reaches a gratifyingly loud level and I realize that this really is going to happen, this is really going to go off.

The music has caught the masses. It sounds vaguely like a distant choir, like a snatch of sweet, sharp voices sampled and made strange, and as it flows into its simple rhythm the crowd begins to gather and sway… 

Spannered’s next book, The Secret Life of Freaks, is due to drop in August.

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