Music Review: Groundislava "TV Dream" via Friends of Friends Music


TV Dream. Summer, ex-girlfriends, and teen angst all neatly packaged together in the latest release from Groundislava, out now on Friends of Friends Music.


Reminiscent of the nostalgia his name portrays, Groundislava's TV Dream is a very mature step forward for the young Jasper Patterson. TV Dream is not necessarily a departure from his self-titled album, but a refined exploration of the themes and headspaces from last year's debut LP. Weeping FM synthesis, crooning pads, analog bass notes, and Groundislava's signature 8-bit accompanied by pop chords push TV Dream forward, while the sounds of throwback drum machines cycle through the mix with class and playfulness.

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TV Dream starts off bright and airy with “Weekend in the Tropics.” This slapper, full of sweet sentiment and lively dance grooves, incorporates some detuned chord-play towards the end to foreshadow some of the more crooning emotions in the other tracks. The title track of the EP, “TV Dream,” really evokes the nostalgic bitter sweetness of past love and unrequited everything. This track is a true reminder that electronic music has feeling and can function beyond the format of “dance music.” The last three tracks explore a more contemplative headspace; functioning more like emotional landscapes rather than dancefloor-intended tracks. “Tower Jump Suicide” is an 8-bit burner, while “Salt of Love” is a funky de-tuned beauty driven by fat 80's claps. Groundislava closes the EP off with “Reflecting,” another bodily tune driven by heavily weeping FM chords and synths.

TV Dream brings to mind the depth and emotive sounds of early M83, Boards of Canada, and even the more recent Telefon Tel Aviv full-length (Immolate Yourself). The combination of grooves and moods set forth by TV Dream really sets the stage for Jasper Patterson's bright future. Watch out. Ground is lava.

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[This was posted in August of 2011, but I'm putting it in here because, well, I always enjoy putting a name, face and sound together. -ED]

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