New Allies For Everyone EP Is Living Room Friendly, Dancefloor Ready


Allies For Everyone, aka Brian Suarez and Arvin Ajamian of New York City, are pleased to finally announce the release of their “Scavenger” EP, which came out yesterday via KID Recordings. The duo has been known for their skillfully crafted synthpop that’s very listenable in the living room, yet bumps enough to get everybody’s feet moving in the club. It’s their songwriter-approach to electronic music that sets them apart from most producer/DJ projects, and “Scavenger” is nothing less than their high standard of production.

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You can read an exclusive interview with the guys over at URB by clicking here. Make sure to grab their free mixtape over there while you’re at it! And head over to iTunes to purchase the EP.

Also, if you happen to be in New York, Allies For Everyone are throwing a release party tonight that is sure to be a great night. RSVP here.

Hit em up on Facebook and Twitter.

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