Review: Yuksek "The Edge" EP Via Savoir Faire



French artist Yuksek has moved from simply being a producer, remixer and DJ to taking the show on the road in 2012. He is now fronting a full live band, promoting his Living On The Edge of Time full-length. The latest single, sharing the title of the album, has just been released with a diverse selection of remixes.

The original track is a really delightful summer jam, a stompy, sparkling "dance rock" (prior to the term becoming a dirty word). It brings to mind Justice's "D.A.N.C.E." all grown up.  Panteros666 of Club Cheval provides a pounding, weird and wonderful take on the track, defying genre with somehow simultaneously schizophrenic and captivating sonic warfare. Aeroplane's soaring, straightforward euphoric disco-house will surely slay pool parties this summer. Australian Beni's modern electro is dark and subtlety powerful, tough and tasteful. The real shocker was entirely acoustic version from KIM, the only percussion clap track, the only instrumentation a riveting piano counterpoint—a perfect end to a great night, or a particularly emotional mixtape. Savior Faire here.

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