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Sharkwave Vol 2 – Sounds For The Pool From LA

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Swimming With Sharks is a LA and NY based pool party that makes good times happen for good-looking people. They also do a free compilation series with Scion AV and the second installment just dropped yesterday, which happens to be quite excellent. It’s always nice to see a tracklist that consists entirely of friends and talented local artists, especially when the vibe is just right for this time of year. Sharkwave Vol 2 features great new original tracks by Cosmic Kids, Dirty Dave, Them Jeans, James Del Barco, and Goldroom. They are all unique in their own way, but yet they stick to the theme of sunsoaking, watersplashing, and drink sipping. Yeah, our lives are tough. This is tropical daytime disco at its finest, and it’s what we’re all about when the temperatures are high.

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You can check out all of the songs over on the Scion page and download the release for free!

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