Steve Aoki Grossed $4.5 Million From 88 Dates



My Magnetic inbox is a constant reminder that there's a crazy amount of touring going on in the electronic music world. Seems like there’s a new DJ tour announced each day of the week. Sounds like crazy talk, but it's not. According to Pollstar, the money coming in from dance music shows are beefing up concert revenue in the States. Sweet. And hurray for Live Nation. The report goes on to say that “The new generation of EDM artists are starting to have a greater impact as they begin doing larger tours in more traditional arenas.”

Mixmag talks about the Pollstar data and goes on to reveal that “big names like Steve Aoki grossed $4.5 million from 88 dates at $32 a ticket. Avicii came in a close second at $4.1 million, followed by Bassnectar with $3.5 million.” You can read the rest of their article here.

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