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Strip Steve’s Debut Album “Micro Mega” Out Now

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French born and Berlin-based Strip Steve has been a household name in the wild side of dance music for a few years now, but finally his debut full length is out now. Released on Boys Noize Records, Micro Mega may hit you by surprise with its unexpected variety of colors and rhythms that Strip Steve has yet to let shine…until now. Even though he’s always been known as a creative force, it is with Micro Mega that we can listen deeper into the corners of his mind. I was instantly won over by the first single, “Astral Projection,” which is a psychedelic-infused jam that features LA-duo Puro Instinct. From non-dancefloor tracks to modern disco-pop sounds, Strip Steve has clearly stepped away from the electro-banger soundscape in which he originally broke through from.

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Micro Megais the idea that everything from the microscopic scale to the infinitely large, is designed from a similar pattern. A fractalist vision of what surrounds us, a way of seeing variety and chaos as part of one. A peaceful and unitive idea all in all...”

Head over to Dazed Digital to read a brief interview with Strip Steve and hear his exclusive mix. And make sure to buy the album.

Strip Steve on Facebook & Twitter.

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