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The Digital Data Printer Allows You Hand Over A Tangible Representation Of What You’d Like To Share—Like New Electronic Music

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What’s not to love about digital technology? It allows us to share books, music, magazines and other media on super-compact devices like phones and tablets. We agree with designer Alex Zhulin on the fact that there’s still a certain something lacking by not being able to hand over a tangible object, so Zhulin dreamed up the Oksu.

Oksu is a digital data printer concept that taps into this level of sharing by making it possible to instantly “print” a tangible copy of a new house music song, latest EDM culture article, EDM download link or file that can be physically shared between individuals.

You don’t even need ink cartridge. The printer uses Z-Ink technology, where color pigments are already within the paper and only need to be activated. Also, NFC chip technology makes it possible to open the contents of the printed card simply by placing it on the device the user wishes to load it on. Check out the video below these images.

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OKSU from Alexander on Vimeo.

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