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The MakerBot Mixtape: Rediscover A Lost Classic


The mad scientists at MakerBot have tapped into EDM culture of days gone by with The MakerBot Mixtape, a customized DIY mixtape that you can make right off your MakerBot Replicator. Imagine all the classic house music tracks (new electronic music too) you can pay homage to. If you don’t have one of those fancy home manufacturing Replicators (MSRP $1,749—so we can't imagine many peeps do), you can purchase a ready-to-go mixtape, all you need do is upload the songs you want.

For those with the expensive Replicators, you can purchase the MakerBot Mixtape Kit for just $25.

BTW, if you hit up the MakerBot Facebook page and upload a photo of yourself holding a sign that says “Make Me A Mixtape!” from now through August 8th, MakerBot will select one winner each day to receive a personalized mixtape created by a member of the MakerBot staff. Who knows what kind of music taste they have tho.

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