There's More To Picking A Great DJ Name Than You Might Think



Wow, DJ Techtools spent a crazy amount of time talking about the importance of choosing your DJ handle. There's more to picking a great DJ name than you might think—more than I care to consider. If you, tho, find yourself pondering whether or not to go with a fake DJ stage name or moniker vs. your real name, they address that. They breakdown the three basic categories: The "Descriptive" name, which suggests or describes the type of DJ you are, the "Factual" aka your real name and the ever popular "Abstract" where people create hybrid names. They go into SEO (that's nerd lingo for search engine optimization) behind choosing a name, the sound of a name—they dig into the topic pretty damn well. You can read the article here.

What names of DJs do you find yourselves taking a liking to before even hearing their tracks? What names make you immediately dislike the artist?

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