Tommy Trash At The New Hollywood Club, Lure


There is nothing more enjoyable in the nightlife world than experiencing a new club for the first time. This euphoric feeling came over me last Thursday when I hit up the new club in Hollywood, Lure, to hear what the winds in Vegas prevented me some enjoying, Tommy Trash.


Despite the club layout, where half of the club is outside with a stage, tables, and several bars, no one was bothered by any winds, that and the fact the demand to see Trash was so high that the main stage was moved inside when more tickets were released.

Inside the indoor stage there are several bars with VIP tables outlining the walls of the club and a middle strip of VIP tables as well. In between the middle tables, that are more like couches rather than tables, are three platforms for the beautiful Lure go-gos to dance. The dancers are a sight themselves—the pasties and lingerie made it impossible for men to look the other way.

Completely sold out, the line to get into the club was snaking all the way down the block. Luckily, our friends at React Presents helped us bypass the madness, but if you plan to come late to this club then also plan to wait.  Once inside the venue, despite the number of people there was enough dancing space, social space and good flowing walking lanes.

React Presents was hosting the night. New to California and new to LA, the Midwest based promotion company seemed to know what they were doing. After meeting with the team and learning some of their strategies to bring a new party to LA and the lineup of artists that are coming in under their bill is almost unbelievable.

React Presents just completed their first successful electronic music festival in Chicago so what do they do? Throw another one only a couple months later with their 3rd annual North Coast Festival with an assortment of artists and music genres. With understanding the festival scene and the nightlife scene in Chicago where React controls the two biggest electronic music venues in the MID and Congress Theater, there is no way that their successful parties aren’t going to be replicated in California. So get ready!

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Tommy Trash took the stage a little later than I had predicted around 12:20 but that was fine. Literally, it was fine because the DJ before was fine. Miss Anna Lunoe was on stage destroying beats and breaking hearts, this young artist had so much energy and swag (I hate using that word) that every man was seduced and hypnotized.  Then it was time to bring in the Trash.

The long haired, always smiling Australian bopped up and down to the beats of his music as glow sticks and lasers filled the air. Trash delivered a set that sent people into a trance (including myself) bringing back memories of electric Ferris wheels and neon flowers to relive a set that never happened at EDC. Air cannons filled the room with cold air washed over the floor just in time to bring me back to the 2 am reality.

Though no one wanted it to be over—from the fans to the dancers to React to me—we all now know where to be every Thursday, Ivar Ave and Sunset Blvd.  Until next time Lure.

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