Video Alert: AKA JK “2600 2600”—Soaked In Analog

AKA JK is back, once again on one of my favorite labels around, Throne Of Blood. For those unfamiliar, AKA JK is the alias of Jonathan Kreinik, the New York producer extraordinaire and long-time live sound engineer for The Rapture. The last we heard from him was a wild pop-house jam called “Someone Out There,” which I’ll still happily played out after a couple drink tickets later. Anyway, his new EP is called “2600 2600” and any synth nerd will clearly understand why. And just as expected, the original mix of “2600 2600” follows AKA JK’s trusted formula of deep analog waves mashed alongside infectious pop melodies in order to result in absolute chaos on the dancefloor. While this single is a bit darker than what we heard from AKA JK last, it still glistens with his unique style that works in almost any setting. Toss this in your summer playlist, it’s in ours…

Remixes are provided by DFA’s Shit Robot, Throne Of Blood alumni Mugump, and a version by John Selway. A proper package indeed. Digital and physical forms of this release are now available everywhere, so take a look around.

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