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Waveform Jewelry By David Bizer: Design Generated From An Audio Sample

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The headlines says it all, each custom necklace or bracelet is produced by any audio sample, its shape represents the audios waveform. This could be your voice, it could be song, what ever you want really. Just send designer David Bizer a .wav or .mp3 file or go to the website and record it there and sit back and wait. The one bummer is that there’s no way to give you an instant preview of the waveform, so it’s kinda a crap shoot what exactly it’s going to look like. Of course you could put it into any number of programs yourself to get a preview, but if you’re not that person, Bizer is down to send you a screenshot.

Here’s a few product shots, but there’s a bunch more on the designer’s website. He also has a bunch of other products worthy of your time.

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