A Whole Lot More Maschine. Plus Watch Jeremy Ellis Make Some EDM Magic On The Native Instruments Rig

A Whole Lot More Maschine

The EDM “maschine” that changed the production world forever is getting a solid refresh in the form of Maschine 2 and Maschine 2 micro. Native Instruments announced their new software/hardware hybrid which includes a free update to version 1.8 and one of my go-to studio tools; The Massive virtual instrument. Both will be out October 1st.

The hardware contains 16 light up multi-color pads as well as a newly redesigned master control section that’s easier to use than the original. NI is also offering OEM additions as well which come in the form of faceplates and knobs so you can add another dimension of customizability to your Maschine. For a complete rundown head over the NI page here.

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Here's a video of Jeremy Ellis getting down, making a track from scratch on the new Maschine and Maschine Mikro. What you hear was recorded live in one take without any overdubs or post production. It was filmed at the abandoned former US listening station on Berlin's Teufelsberg. Awesome!

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