Catching Up With The Dynamic Yorkshire DJ/Production Duo, Squatters. Plus Free EDM Download



The Squatters, a dynamic team made up of two Yorkshire men, Alex and Oli are destined to stand out and make their mark in the world of EDM culture. From house music and beyond, the two are infamous for their mash ups, remixes, exuberant performances and pushing boundaries wherever they go. Just ask the recently entertained crowd at Avalon here in Hollywood.

Recently returned from a hugely successful trip to the States, we caught up with the pair for a chat… enjoy.

BTW, get your EDM download here. The two recently remixed the new Maximo Park tune “Hips & Lips” and are offering it up as a free EDM download.

So, Alex and Oli, how have you been? Recovered from your Atlantic jetlag yet?

We are fine thanks, yeah just about! This nocturnal life we will never get used to it. (Good job we don’t have kids)

You recently played at Avalon in Hollywood, renowned for it’s up for it crowd and outstanding venue. Playing alongside LA favorite Lazy Rich, how was the experience?

This was possibly one of the highlights of our career so far as we have always wanted to play the US as we know they are up for a good party despite 21 bring the legal age to drink, they still rock out. It was good to catch up with Lazy Rich as we first met him in South Korea and he’s a great DJ, producer and top English chap who knows how to conduct the crowds.

Did you notice a marked difference on how the Americans reacted to your sound to how the home crowd does?

The Americans seemed to be excited to see us as it was our first encounter in the US and there were loads who especially came to meet us and say hello after our set which is always a good feeling after just sitting in the studio and not knowing if anyone digs your sound.

Very few DJs in the UK ever get to play in America let alone break it, do you think your first outing there paves the way for the UK sound to continue to infiltrate the US?

I would think many of the top DJs get to go to the States but one of the reasons is the strict Visa application with high fees put a lot of middleweight UK DJs off the idea of traveling over. However when your sound does get in the market over there it’s such a big place it’s like throwing pepperonis into a piranha tank.

Do you think the success the Dutch seem to have had in the US has made it easier for others to go over and what do you think was the key to the change in opinions towards EDM out there?

This one is too complicated and political to answers

You’re forever busy in the studio and not a week goes by when you’re not cooking up yet another hit, do you ever get bored or lose inspiration?

Not so much loose inspiration but you’re only human and need to break away to gain audio fatigue and sunlight.

One thing you’re renowned for is being very generous and giving lots of your tracks and remixes away as EDM downloads, why do you chose to do this?

We believe we only have one life so let’s live it and share with others on our epic journey!

Sponsored by the Dirty Smart Clothing label we hear a rumor one of your tracks has inspired a new design to be released shortly, can you give us any insider info on that?

Eat and ice cream or milkshake to fast and you will get Brainfreeze.

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You’ve been playing a huge part of the parties at Judgement Sundays in Ibiza this year, a return after your massive year in 2011, how’s is been so far?

Jesus said turn water into wine, we said Judgement gets bigger every season and the technology, people and acts grow with the team’s passion for the events and memory making seasons. “Now pass me some water please”

You’ve also been playing for Judgement at the BCM in Majorca, how does that differ from Ibiza if at all?

Even though Majorca has more letters in the word than Ibiza they are equally as big as each other on a party level.

What do you guys tend to do when you’re not in the studio, not on the road to gigs and not playing them?

Alex goes to Star Wars conventions in his bedroom, and Oli tries to help out local restaurants on Facebook in order to get free food.

What is the one piece of studio equipment you couldn’t do without?

MAC with Logic

Quick Fire….

Keep it healthy or pile on the grease?

Salad and a Pint

Coffee or tea?


Summer or winter?

Durr summer Obvs.

MP3s or Vinyl?

Love vinyl but seriously who has turntables?

Twitter or Facebook?


Eggs or Bacon?

Pig over chicken

Your best dance move is…

helicopter Saus followed by doorman grab

Your cooking skills are...

Alex (Qualified chef)

If you weren’t a DJ you’d be…

Not a DJ?

What did you want to be when you grew up?

2 Pac and the pacemakers

And finally, respirations for 2013?

Keep on Breathing…

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