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Club Flyers: Sewer Art or EDM Culture Cipher? Dada Life, Labor Day Weekend at Encore at Wynn Las Vegas

Club Flyers: Sewer Art or EDM Cultural Cipher? Dada Life, Labor Day Weekend at Encore at Wynn Las Vegas

-Curtain Rises-

*Cue wacky minstrel/gypsy music, the type you’d hear whilst riding in a clown car—but with PHAT bass. Fuck it, it is a clown car and out jump two “wild and crazy guys” wearing nutty, pinstripe shirts and fool-around ties you just can’t believe! One’s even wearing sunglasses and it’s not even night! HUH!?! What’s up with these wild crackerjacks?

Olle Corneer: Hey dere, I’m Olle!

Stefan Engblom: Und I’m Stefan, vith a “f” not a “p.”

Olle: A “f” like in da vord “fan!”

Stefan: Vhich is vhat you’re gonna be vhen ve’re done vith ya! A fan of us!

Both: We’re from another country (dramatic pause where the men look at each other and nod vigorously)… SVVVVVEEEEDDen! Sweden!

Stefan: Have yah been dere?

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Olle: Vee don’t tink yah haf! Soo. Ve bring it to yooo!

*Cue circus music as men dance an improvised jig. Ollee steps to clown car and draws out a partially peeled banana which he tosses to Stefan and brings out a huge bottle of champagne which he drinks in one go as Stefan counts down from ten, mouth full of banana.

Stefan: Vee named ourselves afta a CRAZY art movement vhich begahn en 1916 en Svitzerlend. Vee don’t really undertand it and shure as shit know you don’t… sooooooo

Both: No Rules but the rules of Dada, and ve don’t think dere’s any! So! ANYTING GOES!

*The men pounce, snarling like playful wildcats, and engage one another as they vie for a rubber horn and a set of paper bongos which have materialized seemingly out of nowhere, which they beat and blow haphazardly, but with much enthusiasm.


*Olle becomes very serious, points at camera.

Olle: Vote for us!

BOTH: SURRENDER at club Surrender, Vegas! Whhhheeeeeeee!

*Both disappear in a billowing clown of candy-cane colored smoke, leaving only the car which turns into a piece of limburger cheese. The scents of several exotic types of fondue linger on.

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