David Guetta On His Critics: "I Would Say Fuck Them. I Come From That [Underground] Scene."

Apparently David Guetta and street artist Mr. Brainwash (Exit Through The Gift Shop star) collaborated on a project for Burn energy drink at the Old Sorting Office in central London. BTW, if you missed Nigel Ficke's "Getting Inside Episode 3: Nigel Gets Brainwash’d" you can check it out here.


Before Guetta took to the decks, he answered a few questions one of which was what he would say to critics who think he has taken underground dance music and transformed it for commercial gain.

I would say fuck them. I come from that [underground] scene. When I started making music I was only about 11-years-old, the reason I was underground was because I didnt have a choice.

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Tip of the hat to Mixmag for the juicy EDM culture news. You can read the rest of their article here.

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