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EDM Culture Animals Get Ready, Electric Zoo Is Just About Here

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There’s only few final days left to Electric Zoo, yeehaw. What a perfect way to close out the summer. The weekend brings us New Yorkers some of the biggest names in EDM culture. Industry heavyweights David Guetta will headline on Friday, Axwell on Saturday and Tiësto on Sunday, along with many more! While festival-goers can expect to hear a range of the world’s best electronic music—including  techno, trance, house, dubstep, electro, moombahton, indie dance music and more—Electric Zoo also presents a veritable feast of delicious and wholesome food options. This year Made Event added a few new features to cater to all of the animals that will make it out to Ezoo this year. Check em’ out!

Many Animals, One Zoo: Help Each Other Be Safe!

Safety is always of the utmost importance at Electric Zoo. This year will feature more party animals at the Zoo this upcoming weekend than ever before, and Made Event wants everybody’s party to last through the entire weekend safely and soundly. So please check out our important safety details here!

Feeding the Animals!

We all know that music soothes the savage beast, but hunger puts him on a wild rampage! There’s no need to let your hunger get the best of you here - there are nearly as many delicious and wholesome food options at this zoo as there are animals in a rainforest. The Zoo will have everything from lobster rolls to NYC hot dogs on to a Thai barbeque… yes, even Thai food. Check out the list below because I can roughly say the list will cater to all the preferences of animals at this year’s EZoo. See for yourself…

Bareburger: Organic, all-natural, free range burgers

Beekman Beer Garden Beach ClubBurgers on a Brioche bun with Housemade Pickle and Beekman Sauce

Bobjo Korean FusionA new spin on Korean cuisine that’s healthy and delicious

ChickpeaHummus, baked falafel, kebab & more

CoolhausCookies, ice cream, beverages & other sweets

Crif Dogs: NYC’s #1 weiner

Everything about crêpesCrêpes with sweet or savory fillings

Food FreaksBanh mi sandwiches

Fornino’s Meatballs: Meatballs in a variety of sauces

Handsome Hank’s Fish Hut: Fish & chips, fish sandwiches with cole slaw, french fries & more

Je and Jo: Organic ice cream with different kinds of cookie dough

Kelvin Natural Slush: All natural frozen slush beverages in distinct and sophisticated flavors

Korilla BBQ: Classic Korean recipes in contemporary forms - tacos, chosun bowls & burritos

La Sonrisa Empanadas: Latin American pastry turnovers filled with a variety of savory ingredients

LobstaLove: Lobster rolls, chowder & more

Mexicue: Red-hot Mexican down-home barbecue goodness

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Mimi & Coco: Teriyaki balls - Japanese comfort food!

Pie for the People! Hand-tossed NY pizza

Push Cart Coffee: Coffees, teas, and pastries

Rickshaw Dumpling Bar: Savory dumplings & mouth-watering sides

Roberta’s: Hand-tossed gourmet pizza

Strawberry Fields Smoothies: Tropical fruit smoothies

Thai BBQ: Traditional pad thai and satay

Vegetarian Oasis: Healthy and delicious vegetarian & vegan food

Wooly’s Ice: Snow ice, a delicious refreshing treat infused with natural flavors

* No factory farmed meats are permitted for sale at Electric Zoo.

Every year it’s kind of expected that the production will be different to that of last year. It is essential for these companies, such as Made Event, Insomniac Events, Area Event, etc. to constantly keep changing and try and reinvent itself to keep that edge on its customers and try and kick it up a notch. This year Made Event did that with these following additions… honestly adding some pretty cool stuff, which I am excited to see and personally check out.

The Olde Time Candy Shoppe (New this year!)

Candy and Raves. The two seem to go hand in hand and this year Made Event will bring the two together. Us fans will have the chance to satisfy our craving for something sweet and colorful - the Olde Time Candy Shoppe will have all kinds of yummy sweet stuff, sold by the half-pound. From gumballs to Red Hots, Mike & Ike’s to Lifesavers, there’s a classic candy here for all of the crazy animals in attendance. If I were to bet I’d say that this new addition of the Candy Shoppe would be a big hit. I’m sure I’ll find my way over to that line a few times throughout the weekend.

Ms. P’s Curiosity Boutique (New this year!)

Looking for a way to snazz up your look with something wild and unusual? Take a peek at Ms. P’s curio cabinets filled with the offbeat and delightful – animal masks, wigs, and an assortment of accessories to tickle your fancy.

Garden of EZ

Featuring a thousand neon butterflies from artist Gizem Bacaz and giant mushrooms from artist Dan Park, the Garden of EZ is also home to a gathering/meditation circle, plus there are food trucks right on the outskirts so you don’t have to trek far in search of food & drinks. It’s the ultimate chill-out zone filled with eye-candy and mind-altering art and lights. One thing is for sure; I am totally looking forward to spending a little down time or just catch a breather in this mystical little garden.

Face & Body Painting

Let the award-winning artist, Derrick Little, and his talented team adorn you with an ornamental mask, an abstract design, or an animal likeness on your face and/or body. This is def a spot you’d go to bring out your inner zoo animal. I’m thinking it should be cool to see how crazy people will get with this… surly we will have photos to capture what we see and will delivered to y’all in the post coverage.


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