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EDM Culture Merrymaking With IHEARTCOMIX—We Strongly Recommend Attending These Events

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EDM Culture Merrymaking With IHEARTCOMIX—We Strongly Recommend Attending These Events

There are a handful of reasons for me being a fan of what the IHEARTCOMIX crew is doing around here. But the biggest point for me is the fact that their lineups don’t stick to just one style, vibe, theme, etc. It would be such tunnel vision to limit yourself to one kind of music or scene, and that doesn’t go for just dance music, but all music. I grew up on a steady diet of punk rock before opening my mind to pretty much everything, and believe it or not, a lot of those ethics are still present in dance music if you look in the right places and surround yourself around the right people. And that’s something that IHEARTCOMIX founder Franki Chan values, which is one of many reasons why I’m a supporter. With that being said, their event lineups seem to always consist of crossover artists…bringing bands and DJs together in a way that’s unique and consistent. So with that being said, here is a list of upcoming IHC events that we strongly recommend attending.

September 14 with Eternal Summers, DZ Deathrays, Bleeding Rainbow and Drug Cabin @ Bootleg Theatre: RSVP here.


September 14 with Sinjin Hawke, Clicks & Whistles, Fuzz, Keltronix @ Los Globos. RSVP here.


September 25 IHC & The Echo Present: Ladyhawke, DJ Vice Cooler @ The Echo. RSVP here.


September 26 IHC & The Echo Present: Django Django plus Special Guests @ The Echo. RSVP here.


September 27 Dum Dum Girls with Dunes, Tremellow, Tamaryn (DJ Set) @ Los Globos for End of Daze EP Record Release Show. RSVP here.


September 28 with Sepalcure, Clark, Djemba Djemba, Sahy Uhns @ Los Globos. RSVP here.

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October 7 with The Hood Internet, Body Language, Kid Static, Oscillator Bug @ Los Globos. RSVP here.


 October 9 Check Yo Ponytail 2 with Diiv, Violens, Cold Showers, Deathday @ Echoplex. Tickets here.


October 14 IHC & The Roxy Present: Das Racist plus Special Guests @ The Roxy. Tickets here.


October 18IHC & Goldenvoice present: Los Campesinos @ El Rey Theatre. Tickets here.


October 20IHC & Goldenvoice present: Dan Deacon @ El Rey Theatre. RSVP here.


October 28 Cult Of Youth @ Los Globos. Tickets here.


November 5IHC & The Echo Present: Dark Dark Dark, Emily Wells @ Echoplex. Tickets here.


So that’s what’s up for the next few months of events for IHC, and there’s plenty more to come. Stay posted with us for exclusive coverage and ticket giveaways in the near future! More info can be found on their website.

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