EDM Culture Yesterday 003: "In Seventh Heaven" New Years Eve 1997—Moments Before Police Busted Out Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets And Nightsticks


From the mother of all rave busts: one of the last moments of sanity at the infamous "In Seventh Heaven" New Years Eve 1997 rave in downtown LA. Dozens of people had to be taken to the hospital from a suspected overdose of a legal high called Liquid fX, which was being handed out at the party. Less than an hour after this was shot, police halted the party and stormed the outside crowd with tear gas, rubber bullets and nightsticks. It didn’t take long for a melee to break out between upset ravers and riot police.

"In Seventh Heaven" was put on by Go Ventures. Reza from Go Ventures was a major force and contributor to the Los Angeles underground dance scene since the early ‘90s: Love Festival series ('92 through '99), Circa '97, In Seventh Heaven '97, Hallucinate '97, Encore New Year's Eve '98, Monster Massive ('98 and around 9000 people at '99), Together As One New Year's Eve '99, California Collective '99… he’s been around to say the least.

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