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EDM Culture Yesterday 004: "R.A.V.E. Act" Protest At The Federal Building In LA, 2002


If you’re not familiar, The R.A.V.E. Act stands for Reducing Americans' Vulnerability to Ecstasy. It was a bill being proposed to expand the federal “crackhouse” statute making water bottles, glowsticks and chill out rooms classifiable as a means of “drug promotion.” Yes, water bottles will cause you to take drugs. Stay away from water. The R.A.V.E. Act was introduced in the Senate on June 18th 2002 and passed the Senate Judiciary Committee a week later, without a public hearing or recorded vote.

In response to the craziness, a bunch of LA DJs including house music legend Doc Martin, Richard Humpty Vission, Garth Trinidad, Colette, Curious, Daniel, Kid Dragon, Freddy B organized protests and fought for EDM culture rights at The Federal Building in Los Angeles. Here’s a local NBC reporter getting more than he bargained for while covering an anti-"R.A.V.E. Act" protest in 2002.

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