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EDM Culture Yesterday 006: "Dune 4" The Last Great California Desert Rave

The LA desert rave scene in the '90s is pretty legendary for a few reasons. One of EDM culture's most funnest ever, the "Dune" parties, are without a doubt one of the reason why. It was the last great California desert rave in our eyes. Here's a few shots from Dune #4 in in June of '98.

The sun finally comes up and the crowd is getting it's second wind.

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It's about midnight or 1:00 am, and a sandstorm is making the crowd at Dune 4 scurrying for their tents. The storm lasted about two hours, during which time DJ Christopher Lawrence continued to play, with a stack of quarters taped to the turntable needles to cope with the wind and sand.


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