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EDM Culture Yesterday 007: "Love Festival" ‘97

Here are a few shots from the "Love Festival," a party that went down within the gloriously dilapidated walls of the Alexandria Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. Love Festival, put on by Go Ventures, has been around for a while. They actually just did their 19th annual So Cal date last year.

The shots below are from 1997, but this was home to tons of killer EDM culture events throughout the '90s. House music, trance, breakbeat, it was a merrymaking playground. Funny part about it was you’d see some crazy ass crack-head types going back to their rooms during parties.

Below: the legendary toy ladies and rave superhero sidekick bug-boy fighting the forces of evil. The spot kinda had this otherworldly feel going on.

Here's a more current look at the hotel today. It's still lower-income housing, but the music and the ravers are long gone.

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