EDM Industry: 10 Ads That Killed Dubstep

10 Ads That Killed Dubstep

We discovered this great post this morning on Adweek about the "10 Ads That Killed Dubstep," which at first is a bit preposterous but when you watch these steaming turds you might be inclined to agree that it just might be over. The K Mart ad is sure to cause a rash or a random act of violence to your eye sockets with the sharpest object you can find laying around, shit is terrible.

But on a positive note, there have been some good ones like the North Face ads that featured skiers and snowboarders tearing it up to the sounds of the wobble wobble drop. A good read none-the-less and you are sure to get a laugh and maybe a cry. Here are a few of the commercials co-opting EDM culture.

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