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EDMSnob Creates EDM Culture Drama For DJ Mag's Top 100 Poll

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You probably heard that DJ Mag recently kicked Swiss DJ Miss Diamond from their annual poll and claims more artists will be booted in the coming weeks. There are always two sides to a story and Miss Diamond took the initiative to correct what is being said about her and posted something on her blog stating that DJ Mag is slinging BS. From where I sit, DJ Mag drumming up a conspiracy to draw attention to the magazine isn’t really crazy talk. Either is a DJ doing everything they can to get votes in hopes of their poll standing giving a boost to their booking fee.

Yesterday EDMSnob posted an article, “DJ Mag Internal Documents Reveal Secret Payments from Ferry Corsten, Paul Van Dyk, Aly & Fila.”

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They claim that while looking into cheating, they came across another bomb. Apparently they have internal documents that show payments being made from big DJs to the magazine in return for favorable editorial coverage. They go on to show these documents, which basically prove nothing at all. A quote from the writer: “Such large payments secretly changing hands between artists and DJ Mag call into question the impartiality of the magazine’s other ventures, especially the Top 100 DJ poll. While no evidence has been presented of any tampering or altering of results whatsoever, it is obvious a conflict of interest exists for an organization purporting to conduct an objective poll.”

To which DJ Mag stated: “The invoices that have been published are for legitimate advertising and CD covermount deals. This can easily be verified by checking the magazine issues mentioned. They are not ‘secret documents’ but are confidential company invoices and have been obtained without our consent. We cannot stress enough that as guardians of the Top 100 DJs Poll we take the integrity of the Poll extremely seriously.”

My initial thought was to give this zero bandwidth on Magnetic since I see the EDMsnob article nothing more than an attempt to drive traffic to their site. Of course there are DJ Mag invoices from DJs and managers and records labels. It is a magazine; it is a business model built on advertising.

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