Elevating The Music: Magnetic Sits Down With EDM Pioneer, Kevin Saunderson

Such are the times that we find Kevin Saunderson asking the Detroit crowd at Movement Festival this year, “Do you know where Techno came from?” This year, 107,000 strong came out to hear the best of electronic music in its birth city at a festival that is the beacon of hope for EDM culture and the underground. So why is Saunderson asking that very question there?

Elevating The Music: Magnetic Sits Down With EDM Pioneer, Kevin Saunderson

As the EDM culture scene rises in popularity overall, it is once again time to crack open the history books upon the tables. Far too many children have been walking around blindly. Everyone knows the greats of jazz—Miles Davis, Billie Holiday, etc. Everyone knows the greats of classical—Mozart, Beethoven, Vivaldi. But do you know the greats of electronic music? Are you aware of why you are where you are today, standing at festivals and dancing your heart out to subs and 7-foot speakers?

What I find amazing is that we are at a crossroad, when we are still able to walk amongst giants. The ultimate masters of their craft still play today and we are able to witness it live. If you had a chance to see the Beatles play live, you'd rush your tush out of your house instantly. For some, if Vivaldi or Liszt were to play, why yes please! Let me see them at their most genius! Even in art, to see Van Gogh paint or Warhol create, would you not want to see the masters work their skill? So I urge the youth to take this education and seize an opportunity!

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When I sat down with Kevin Saunderson in Detroit, there are many things I could have asked him. However, I wanted to refresh in the EDM culture youth that now follows electronic music so closely, where the music came from. In the same way one would go to a record shop and the owner would teach you about each track and its soul, history and components, the same way I would like to educate you the readers and viewers.

Kevin Saunderson and his friends are responsible for the birth of Detroit techno. The best part is…you can still hear him play.

The giants do not have to walk alone—we can walk with them.

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